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Cannabis Stock Investment

Legal cannabis across the globe is expanding at an exponential rate. With mega growth, comes mega profit potential for investors. According to market research firm ArcView, annual legal cannabis sales in North America will increase 250% by 2020 to $22 billion. Giant institutions won’t be the only ones to profit from legalization.

Online trading has made it possible for the average trader/investor to get in on the action.The issue is the time and experience needed to properly research the many cannabis companies popping up. Not all will be winners, and not all are primed to explode.

Are you a brokerage firm?

No, we are not a brokerage firm, and we do not manage our members’ money. Instead, we help to empower YOU to manage YOUR portfolio and navigate the cannabis industry with confidence.

Although John Smith is a Licensed Financial Advisor, he will NOT give individual trading advice and no buy or sell recommendation should be construed as direct trading advice. Mr. John Smith is providing his analysis and personal opinion. We always suggest consulting the advice of a Licensed Financial Advisor that understands YOUR risk tolerance, goals, and financial situation.

I don’t have any experience trading, can I still become a member?

Everyone has to start somewhere, and PrimeQoptions is a great place to begin. Mr. John Smith clearly lays out the moves He's making in his model portfolio and why. He backs it all up with simple-to-understand analysis. Even if you have yet to establish a brokerage account, following along as a member can help give you insight and understanding of the exciting, and often volatile cannabis industry.

What are John Smith’s credentials?

John Smith is a Licensed Investment Advisor (Series 65), president and founder of the Ultimate Group Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), and financial journalist. John Smith and his wealth management clients have been investing in cannabis stocks since 2013. Mr. John Smith considers cannabis investing to be a unique opportunity for both seasoned and new traders alike.

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